Working at any major airport within the UK brings unique challenges and operational constraints, that over the years we have been able to adapt to the day-to-day running of our projects, including;

  • Working in restricted areas of access
  • Working in close proximity to passengers and Airport Staff
  • Limited opportunity for material deliveries
  • Gaining various permits to work
  • Training staff in being aware of the threat of terrorism
  • Understanding the purpose of the Airport and working in tandem with various operational team

To ensure that we as a company can cater for the needs of our clients, whilst remaining competitive in our pricing we ensure that:

  • All 50 of our staff are employed directly by Thomas Interiors, so that all costs can be controlled and savings issued straight back to our clients.
  • All of our systems and processes are audited and accredited under ISO9001
  • All of the Training Needs of our staff are catered for and all necessary Airport Inductions are attended and reviewed annually.
  • All Staff members are vetted and must pass the appropriate Security Checks in order to obtain an Airside Pass to work at the Airport.
  • Company vehicles are issued with Airside Passes, which means that no Airside location is out of reach and that staff can arrive on site in a secure and safe manner.

These capabilities allow us to take control of our projects and ensures that we can offer a certain amount of flexibility, however the right to have these passes comes with a great responsibility that we take a great deal of pride in upholding.